Flexible, Online Learning Checklists

Learning Checklists

Personalised learning checklists within Check Online are totally flexible and can be used for any subject and any key stage. They are not prescribed. Teachers can enter their own checklists online or upload their exisiting paper-based checklists. If you are new to learning checklists then we can help you to create them. We even have a library of ready-to-use checklists for a range of different subject areas and key stages. Our solution is comprehensive:

  • Students assess their progress in the familiar RAG (red, amber, green) format from any device at any time.

  • The platform can analyse learning checklists for a teaching group and highlight common weaknesses for targeted teaching.

  • Content management is at a Checklist level to avoid 'information overload'.

  • Teachers can verify that checklist descriptors have been met.

  • Use of checklists is date-stamped for evidence of improvement over time.

  • Checklists can be cross-curricular to meet different assessment / reporting frameworks (for example the Welsh DCF/LNF).

  • Advanced reporting allowing school leaders to analyse checklists and progress for any subject, class or year group.

  • Checklists are fully integrated with online testing to facilitate needs based adaptive testing.

  • Evidence can be recorded against learning checklists.