Check 4 Business Personalised LMS

Skills Gap Analysis and the Targeted, Timely Training Model

Would you like to compile training grids, conduct a cohort / organisation wide skills gap analysis and ensure effective training provision with a quantifiable impact? If so, then you have come to the right place! Please read on...

What is the Timely, Targeted Training Model?

We believe that if training is to be truly effective and productive it must be timely and targeted so learners will have the skills they need - when they are needed.

A Learner, in conjunction with a trainer or line manager, can specify the priority of any training needs against checklist descriptors. Why is this important? Quite simply, learners might forget any skills learned if they do not get the opportunity to practice them until long after the event. With traditional methods and LMS platforms, using training grids and conducting a skills gap analysis is an effective, but time-consuming method, of identifying training needs. Fortunately, with Check Online the process is automated thus facilitating timely and targeted training.


How does it work?

Step 1

Learners rate their confidence level against different descriptors / topic areas using online learning checklists from any device at any time. Confidence levels are rated according to a RAG (red, amber, green) ‘traffic light’ approach.

Targeted learning content is at a checklist or descriptor level thereby avoiding the problem of 'information overload'.


Step 2

Vocational skills learners, in conjunction with a line manager, can prioritise the skills needed to facilitate timely training as a part of the timely, targeted training model.

Descriptors / topic areas can be ratified – either by trainers or automatically as a result of online testing.


Step 3

Trainers have a cohort view of learning checklists to identify individual training needs or skill gaps that can be addressed by blended or flexible learning techniques. Alternatively training grids can be downloaded as a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet.


Step 4

With a feature unique to Check Online trainers can analyse a checklist for a cohort of learners as part of an organisation wide skills gap analysis.


Step 5

Trainers can set adaptive online tests based on learner need for evidence of knowledge or skills growth.


Step 6

Learners, trainers and leaders can analyse quantifiable evidence of improvement over time.


Not familiar with learning checklists?

No problem! Our experienced and friendly learning facilitators can work with you to create learning checklists for any subject or topic. Within a few short hours your learners could be using learning checklists!

Do you already have an LMS?

No problem! We can work with whatever tools you are using and where appropriate and possible we can integrate with Check 4 Business.