Check Books

Cloud based school library solution

Need a low-cost school library solution that does not scrimp on features? Try Check Books!

What is Check Books?

Check Books is a low-cost, innovative, cloud based school library solution designed to be used by anyone, including students! Once a teacher has logged in to the system, it is quick and easy to loan, return and search for books.


How does it work?

Borrow & Return

Loaning books couldn’t be simpler. Simply type in the student’s username / email and scan the barcode. If the user or book is not found, then they can be added quickly and easily.

Returning a book follows the same idea. Just enter the username, select the books to be returned and that's it.

A book can be reserved if it is not in stock, and the student will be notified via e-mail once it is available.


Search for & add books

There are different ways to search for a book, including by:

  • Author
  • Title
  • Genre
  • Keywords

Adding books is simple. Just scan the barcode and the system will look up the details of the book from the internet. If they cannot be found, then they can be added manually.


Library Admin

A comprehensive set of admin pages allow users to add books, add borrowers, change passwords and view reports. Reports are available on:

  • Stock
  • Books out on loan
  • Reserved books
  • Overdue books


Integration & authentication

Users can be added via the admin pages or uploaded in bulk using our simple template.

Do you have a school MIS system and not want the hassle of adding or importing users? No problem – speak to us about MIS integration. Then new users in your school MIS system will automatically appear on Check Books!

Does your school use Google Suite for Education or Microsoft? Do you want to avoid multiple logins and passwords that are easily forgotten by students? No problem – speak to us about Google or MS Authentication.