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Learning Checklists

The only learning platform to feature personalised learning checklists as a core component. They are totally flexible and can be used for any subject or topic. Checklists are date-stamped for evidence of improvement over time



Educators can issue assignments to individuals or to groups of learners. Work is easy to assess and mark books can be customised. Assessed assignments can be used as evidence and linked to checklist descriptors.


Online Adaptive Testing

Check Online can scrutinise learning checklists and generate adaptive tests based on individual learner need. Trainers can control the number and nature of questions in an adaptive test using optional parameters.


Raising Achievement

As education professionals, raising achievement and improving student outcomes is at the heart of what we do. Our free white paper outlines how Check Online can achieve just that when used to support delivery of a course in the following key areas:

  • Content delivery
  • Summative assessment
  • Revision / exam practice

Raising achievement white paper


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