Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we are most often asked about eFirst and its products. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us.

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General questions

Yes! In fact it is probably more secure than if hosted locally. We use secure data centres and staff supporting Check products are DBS checked. Cloud provision also makes it easier for us to provide customer support and analyse / diagnose problems. When choosing a cloud service provider, you should ensure that they have completed a Department for Education self-certification checklist. View the Department for Education guidelines here . Now read through the eFirst self-certification checklist.

We certainly think so! Our aim is to offer a versitile range of educational tools, reducing and simplifying administration tasks, leaving you free to teach. In addition, our tools will help you to increase parental engagement which, evidence suggests, increases progress for students.

We will work with your school, college or university to identify which modules of Check Online are most useful to you, within any budget. Once your needs are identified, we will offer in-person or video training to your staff as well as setting up your pupil database, so that everything is ready to go.

To keep your costs down and make sure our products are compatible with any technology you already use, we use some nifty computer wizardry to ensure that all aspects of our products are easily accessible via the internet browser in portable devices such as tablets and mobile phones, as well as when you're using a PC or Mac. This means you can make sure teachers, parents and pupils can access Check Online, where ever they are and what ever they're using, with a single login for all of our products.
mobile friendly scchol software for schools
The mobile view of Checklists, from the student portal.

The most important benefit of Check is the personalised learning platform that we provide for each student. We offer the ability to easily track student progression, through self- and teacher-assessment. Check Online allows searchable evidence of students' progression and allows teachers to set-up custom learning checklists for each class, course or assessment focus. This means students always know what their next step is, teachers can easily manage their classes' targets and parents can support their child's progress.

While the Check Lists system is at the heart of Check Online, we also offer a range of other benefits, including a whole-school, student and parent messaging system to allow for easy communication, and a homework setting and monitoring tool that allows students to hand in homework online, teachers to easily monitor who has completed their work, and parents to ensure their children are getting their homework done.

eFirst also learns about its learners, and their progression through their use of learning checklists. This feature is at the core of our adaptive testing module which is currently in beta-test.

The modular build of Check, along with our use of agile programming and design, means that we can change, adapt and create additional areas of the learning environment quickly. If you have a great idea, we would love to know about it!

As teachers, we know that one of the biggest battles is managing work load; the teacher recruitment and retention crisis in the UK shows how difficult this can be. The core component of Check Online is designed to reduce the time you spend on marking, setting targets, and responding to student feedback, as well as improving communication between home and school, while allowing you to focus on maximising impact in the classroom.

The Check Work module is also designed to reduce the time spent administrating homework, chasing missing work and provides accountablity - with our online hand-in there are no more "The dog ate it!" excuses.

One of our primary motivations in developing each module of Check Online is making it quick and easy, allowing teachers to get on with what they do best: inspiring students.