Why Personalised Learning?

Flipped Learning / Personalised Learning

At eFirst we decided it was time to move away from the traditional teacher-driven model embraced by other learning platforms. Check Online was, from the outset, designed to be a personalised learning platform that is forward-thinking in it's approach.

Technology in the Classroom

There is a plethora of evidence to support the idea that technology helps students to learn more effectively. Of particular importance is a longitudinal meta-study demonstrating a significant impact is made on students' learning by incorporating technology into the learning environment. eFirst enables schools, colleges and universities to do this seamlessly, with the modular based Check Online product suite. Furthermore, the use of our products can help schools to achieve requirements such as those in the Digital Competence Framework, and Digital Literacy.

Personalised Learning

Check Online is designed to provide personalised learning and feedback that reacts to students' individual learning and progression.

The Gilbert Review defines personalised learning as:
  1. Each student should have a “learner profile” that documents his or her strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and goals
  2. Each student should pursue an individualised learning path that encourages him or her to set and manage personal academic goals.
  3. Students should follow a “competency-based progression” that focuses on their ability to demonstrate mastery of a topic, rather than seat time.
  4. Students’ learning environments should be flexible and structured in ways that support their individual goals.

Flipped Learning

Flipped learning is a pedagogical approach in which the classroom based teacher driven model is flipped so that the learning process is more student driven. Out of class learning becomes more important, physical learning spaces can change and the role of the educator shifts more to observation, assessment and feedback. As teachers we quickly realised that the flipped approach could be demanding and labour intensive - a real problem when teacher workload is a growing concern that features heavily in the media. For flipped learning to be viable it is essential for technology to catch up with education best-practice. Check Online does just that and offers the following:
  • Online customisable personalised learning checklists for any subject and key stage.
  • Content management at a checklist level to avoid ‘information overload’ and facilitate student driven and out-of-class learning.
  • Checklist analysis for targeted, needs-based teaching.
  • Checklist driven adaptive testing based on student need.
  • Fully and semi-automated assessment. Timely feedback for students whilst minimising the workload for teachers. A win-win scenario!
  • Flexible assignments that can be targeted at individual students. True differentiation that moves away from the ‘whole class’ model.