Cross-Curricular Learning Checklists

Welsh DCF and LNF

The Welsh Government have introduced the Digital Competence Framework and the Literacy and Numeracy Framework designed to embed core literacy, numeracy and digital skills across the curriculum. We have incorperated both frameworks into a single spreadsheet that allows schools to assign descriptors to different subject areas that can then be imported as cross-curricular learning checklists in Check Online. All backed up by advanced reporting features allowing school leaders to see exactly what is happening across the curriculum. Naturally any checklist or cross-curricular report can be downloaded as a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet.

Students and teachers can record evidence against checklists and descriptors within Check Online. Evidence can include:
  • Text references (e.g. to paper-based work)
  • Uploaded documents
  • Document or website links
  • Assignments submitted via Check Online

Find out how this elegant solution works - in English or Welsh!

A student using a learning checklist based on the Welsh Literacy and Numeracy Framework:

Evidence recorded against a learning checklist: